* Continually improving and developing our products and increase our market share protection ,

* As a solution partner of our customers , to produce products that meet the demands and expectations ,

Planned training of our employees with the knowledge, skills and competencies to develop all employees to communicate effectively their active participation in the improvement activities ,

* Organizations to achieve their goals ; entire process at every stage of our Integrated Management System by reviewing the effectiveness , continuous improvement based on performance parameters ,

* Our industry -related environmental laws , regulations and guidelines and to comply with relevant legislation ,

* Required maintenance programs , investment projects and new proposals to reduce energy consumption ,

* To reduce the consumption of natural resources ,

* To provide solid waste and recycling our waste can not be recycled without harming the environment to ensure proper disposal techniques ,

To reduce environmental pollution, improve and our negative impact will be that we constantly upgrade our performance , our policy on participation of all employees covered by the action plan ,

* Environmental awareness for the creation and continuous development of our employees , customers, and upon request to cooperate and to raise awareness of the local community to provide any information

* AYDINLAR as MACHINE , our employees work in a healthy and safe environment is a priority for us , is an integral part of our productivity .

* A healthy work environment and to achieve the goal of zero accidents ;

Continuing to take the necessary measures in time ,
Increase awareness of employees and to inform them about the risks ,
* Work to prevent accidents and protect the health of employees , but it is possible with the participation of all our employees . To achieve this goal ;

accidents and accidents so close to all kinds of events to report,
we are obliged to comply with safety rules , and we will comply ,
* Occupational Health and safety , particularly in ensuring that we act in the knowledge that everyone is responsible ,

* Occupational Health and Safety and comply with all relevant laws and legislation

We are committed to AYDINLAR MACHINE Management .

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